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A weekly show talking WWE, NXT, and other Professional Wrestling Promotions around the world, as well as Professional Sports! Hosted by Damian "SAWLTY" G and Chip K. Fabe, we take you around the world, spotlight some of the less known, and tell the truth about some of your heroes. Get your unbiased hot takes, right here, on The SAWLTY Chips Show!

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    SAWLTY Chips Episode 9 - March 15th, 2018

    This week, the guys literally have NOTHING to talk about, so they talk about EVERYTHING! It's a loaded mess of a show, but a fun show nonetheless. Chip discusses how hes falling out with current wrestling, hitting a major lull. Damian also discusses how hes feeling the same with that and pro sports. All this, and much more

    Check in with us on Twitter @Dare2BDamian and @ChipKFabe

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    SAWLTY Chips Episode 8 - March 8th, 2018

    This week, the guys get deep right from the get-go. We discuss Kevin Love admitting he suffers from depression, and the guys get into their experiences with Mental Illness and the stigma surrounding it

    Then, we talk Ichiro going back to Seattle, and how his days are numbered. Players playing too long and fading into oblivion and so much more. Check in with us on Twitter @Dare2BDamian and @ChipKFabe

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    SAWLTY Chips Episode 7 - March 1st, 2018

    Damian and Chip collect all of their thoughts on the Elimination Chamber. Did Alexa deliver, Ronda Rousey's 180 between Elimination Chamber and the following nights RAW.

    We talk about 4 MLB teams spending no money, and MLBPA is taking notice. What has to be done? We explain on this episode of The SAWLTY Chips Show! Check In with us on Twitter @Dare2BDamian and @ChipKFabe. Follow the shows Twitter @SawltyChipsShow

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    An Extra Serving - Feb 27th, 2017

    BONUS CONTENT: We promised weekly bonus content, and we delivered! An Extra Serving of SAWLTY Chips this week dives into the Womens Elimination Chamber match. We talk about the progression of Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. Did Alexa Bliss deliver?

    Plus, we talk about the current NCAA Basketball FBI Investigation. Should college athletes be paid? We dicuss. This and a whole lot more! Check in with us on Twitter @Dare2BDamian and @ChipKFabe and be sure to Check In with us EVERY THURSDAY for our weekly episodic show!

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    SAWLTY Chips Episode 6 - February 22nd, 2018

    Damian and Chip get right into it talking about the mess in the Dallas Mavericks Organization, which so much going on, the guys break it down the best they can. They also get into the proposed rule change for the MLB. Can it bring excitement to the game? What else can be done to bring excitement to the game?

    Also, the guys briefly talk about this past weekends WrestleCircus! Check in with us on Twitter @Dare2BDamian and @ChipKFabe

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    Sawlty Chips Episode 5 - Febuary 16th, 2018

    This week, we say goodbye to Shattered Glasscast, and hello to SAWLTY Chips. Get to know us, we talk about the rebranding, direction going forward.

    Plus, Damian talks about his travels last week, and his experiences at all 4 shows he attended. Chip and Damian then get into sports, where they kick themselves for being so critical of The Cavs, two days before the massive trading spree they went on!

    Check in with us on Twitter @Dare2BDamian and @ChipKFabe

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